Design & Consultation

Here at 4 season pools we come to you, check side access and work in with you to help find the right pool and location to complement your home and what works with your families life style.
Each of our pools are tailored and engineered to the design of pool that is best for your family and budget.


When it comes to the construction of your pool we do everything so u can relax and let us do what we do best.
Step 1:
Once the design of your pool is sorted we organise all the council approval and engineering.
Step 2:
Excavation stage of your pool
We organise all removal of soil and dig your shape.
Stage 3:
Pipe and steel delivery
Once the steel is delivered the steel fixers will apply all the steel and build the frame work for your pool.
They will also be running the pipe work from your skimmer box and jets and setting up your light in the correct position.
Stage 4:
Stage 4 is the shell of your pool.
The shotcreters apply your concrete to your pool which is always (25/7-70)
They will also build in your stairs at this stage.
Stage 5:
Your tiles will be delivered.
The tiler will arrive and do all your copping tiles for you This usually takes around 2 days depending on the size of your pool.
Stage 6:
filtration is installed by our qualifed installer, he will also show you how to use your new pool system.
Stage 7:
pebblecrete is the finish that will be applied to your pool to give your pool that smooth coat. You can choose what colour stones you want in your pool (our quote is salt and pepper)
Once the pebblecrete is done the following day they will come Back acid wash your pool and you can start to fill it with water.
Final stage:
Once the pool is filled with water we will come back and set up your pool water so it’s ready for swimming
and give you another lesson on using your pool filtration system.

When it comes to your pool filtration system there is many options.
From standard systems to energy efficient eco friendly systems, to self cleaning chlorinators.
Depending on the size of your pool we can help and assist you In choosing the right one